Attention: You have broken the Internet.

Please log off now, go out and get some fresh air!.

I caught a hawk today. I was out for a run and saw a red tailed hawk that looked to have a broken wing. We ran home as quick as we could (4 miles from the house, so it was not THAT quick) and called some animal rescue folks. I left a message with the Birds of Prey Foundation, but got ahold of another group. That person said that the BOP foundation was the right group and they would call back eventually. They suggested that we try to catch it ourselves. We got up our nerve and got a blanket and a cat carrier and went back out. We could not find it! Later, when Shannon was driving back to work (yeah, it's Sunday) she saw it again. She called me and told me where it was. I went back out and found it this time. I moved to it slowly, blanket in hand. It backed away and I sprung the blanket and missed. It flew across a creek. I jumped the creek and tried again. Missed! The third time was the charm and I got lucky that it didn't try to claw or bite me. I took it home and BOP foundation called me, and came by the house and got it. What fun!

Here are a few pictures I snapped before making the big catch!